Our Eye Exams & Special Information for OHIP Patients

We are able to provide eye exams every Tuesday, we charge $85. This is payable at your appointment by Cash, VISA, Mastercard or Debit. We kindly ask if you wear contacts to have them out at least one hour prior to your appointment. Please bring your most current glasses with you. If you are usually covered by OHIP for your exam please read the following as we cannot provide you with an eye exam.

Special Information for OHIP Patients 

Currently the optometrists of Ontario are not providing eye exams to those who would usually have it covered by OHIP. This is a pressure tactic as the Ontario government and the College of Optometrists have not reached an agreement regarding payment. At this time we cannot provide eye exams to those who would usually have it covered as it is a fineable offence. More information is available in the following links. This link is from the College of Optometrists and this is a city news article here. 

By Appointment Only

Tuesdays from 2:00pm-5:30pm

416-362-3937 or by booking online